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How to Change Tumblr BackGround

Tumblr blogger can give official look to their blog. Just change your tumblr blog background to white colored image and that’s it. You probably get instant attraction from visitor.

Tumblr Layout

You just need to know some basic tumble theme customization or Custom Tumblr Theme. If you have endless tumblr theme then it may work like a charm. The best idea to choose very light background image rather than animated Gif file.

Blogger likes to change their blog background image along with their dashboard too but here you will teach only changing background on Tumblr blog theme.

  1. Click your blog title.
  2. Go to Theme Customization.
  3. Edit HTML file.
  4. Find Background: URL(http://example.com/one.gif)
  5. Change address of the URL
  6. Save your theme.
  7. Done

Complete Tutorial: How to Change Tumblr Background.

How to Play Music on Tumblr

Tumblr has great blogging service where user can play music on their tumblr blog or put video widget. Music Player is hot widget to put on Tumblr blog.

Tumblr Music Player

Tumblr user loves music and most of user like those blogs which have music player widget on their blog. Actually there are two types of people on tumblr blogging network. Some just hate this type of music concept and other just love this kind of Music Player on Tumblr blog.

How to put music to Tumblr

We can put music on our tumblr blog two ways either using HTML source code or just a music player widget. Both are easy to code but i recommend AutoPlay Background Music Code which is easy to code and there is no slow loading speed issues.

AutoPlay Background Music Code

If you are planning to put music on your tumblr blog then i will recommend you to add your tumblr blog to Google Analytics Account to track any side effect of music player widget. This is how you can remain safe.

Music Player Widget